Rebekah Wise

‘Hello, fellow earthlings!

I’m Bekah. 
A student, illustrator, and mother to a mini vegan. 😊

It breaks my heart knowing that our animal kin suffer. The last breath of many is one last cry for help. Exhausted by the relentless emotional and physical turmoil endured in their short lives. 

Animals like humans want to live. They like us want to breathe, they like us want food, water, love, care, safety, shelter, happiness, family, community, and socialisation. Animals want to be treated and respected for the individuals they are. Animals want what we have. The rights we meticulously fight for; to feel understood, respected and acknowledged in our society. The rights we feel we deserve as human beings on this planet, the planet in which we coexist with other sentient life. 
Why do those rights only extend to humankind? Why are they not inclusive rights?
End all forms of discrimination, cruelty, and injustice. Live as one, live in peace and harmony.

Join us. For the Animals.’